Data Garden #1

dataflower is an open-source collaborative environment, still under development, which allows multi-disciplinary creative teams to develop creative projects based on parallel, heterogeneous, distributed systems, like sensor networks and clusters of multi-core computers and GPUs. It is a practice-based research project, developed in close collaboration with groups of artists and developers interested in using these kinds of complex systems in their work.

A data garden is an open user and developer meeting, to learn together, test new research results, iron out bugs, develop new component libraries and try to develop projects using these tools.

Node Participants

  • Pedro Ângelo
  • (Your name here)

The project is open to the collaboration of anyone interested, especially developers (C++ and/or Javascript), interface and interaction designers, visual artists and performers.


  • work table
  • power sockets
  • Internet access


There will be some hardware available to experiment with and to port / develop libflow components for:

  • arduino
  • kinect
  • usb cameras/microscopes
  • raspberry pi + pi cam
  • parallella board
  • (add yours here)
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